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Hello?! Anyone? Lost & No Service

My program went off track. A run away train. Pirated by stage moms, 2nd row dancers with delusions of the spotlight, my extreme lack of inner bitch, hero issues & spread love indesicion. After my business was going down the toilet I realized I needed help. Funny who responded to my calls. No one. I have made a point to be there for the people in my life & have gone above & beyond with out ever telling a soul about the work I was doing behind the curtain to make things happen for others. Now when I needed a help...not single one would lend a hand & some of them flat out ignored my call. Thanks. Learning lesson. I believe in KARMA...CAN'T WAIT FOR HER TO CATCH UP! I do at least have faith that my pay it forward way of life will at some point come back to haunt me in a good way. Otherwise...FUCK PEOPLE. I'M DEBT FREE BITCHES. (sorry. I keep saying that in weird places like some back up validation when I am nervous.)

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